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Title:   2015-01-14T15:49:31.394-08:00
First time ordering from lotus and gonna be the last! Food took an hour and 25 mins to get here! I l
Title:   2014-10-01T19:07:30.978-07:00
I'm still waiting for my order over an hour!
Title:   2014-04-24T17:53:30.206-07:00
1st time ordering here. I wanted to order online. I placed the order easy, trying a pupu platter to sample a variety of items as well as eggs rolls and Gen.tso's. I live on the opposite side of town, but delivery was less than 30 minutes.Arriving hot!.The boneless spareribs were tastiest I have had in town.shrimp, and wings were fine. Teriyaki beef was also best in town!I was pleasently surprised! I had tried a few others in town recently and was not happy.Note i have lived here 30 years! OK the gen tso's was ok but I ordered non spicy which i dont normally get, however again the rice was perfect..and the best pork fried I have had in town !the only other place that compares to this is in southington. I recommend highly! OH note: the delivery driver was so polite, and dressed nicely!
Title:   2014-04-17T11:03:52.198-07:00
Best food in CT never had a problem with time or anything. 6 year customer here
Title:   2013-11-04T14:58:02.412-08:00
Like the food but have been waiting for a hour and half and still waiting when I called they just said drivers is on the way not happy at all
Title:   2011-09-26T09:21:35.539-07:00
We have been eating here for several years. Not only is the food excellent, but the service is as well.
Title: Yummy  2007-10-25T00:00:00
This is our favorite place for Chinese food. The food is good and delivered in a timely fashion. I love the chicken and Broccoli. Also if you spend a certain amount $20,00 I believe it is you get get a large won-ton soup for free. ...?
Title: Chinese delievery  2007-10-24T00:00:00
I am very pleased to say that this chinese restaurant has very good food. The delivery time is reasonable. We have never had any problems or had to wait extremely long times to get our food. The food was surprisingly good for it being ...?
Title:   12/28/2013 4:47:25 AM
Five-star food within its own realm, i.e. takeout Chinese grease peddlers. I've always enjoyed what I've eaten here. And it's very cheap, since I'm always ordering from the lunch menu. I work in the area.But last time I was here, their practices could only be described as highly unintelligent. When you work in the restaurant business, your lunch time cannot be the same as the peak lunch hour, which I think we'd all agree is 12-1PM. I walked in between 12:30 and 12:45, and they were getting ready to take their break. Making my lunch was a downright inconvenience to them - it took forever, they made the wrong dish (I wasn't about to send it back for fear of losing even more time), and they forgot to get my soda.I've worked foodservice before. I expect no less than to eat at odd hours, such as a 4PM lunch or a 10PM dinner. You have to adapt. Apparently, these guys just don't.
Title: To the annoying commentor who bad mouths  11/8/2015 2:41:38 PM
To the annoying commentor who bad mouths the business online and doesn't have the balls to post your name. You didn't even give them a chance to make up for a mistake. They are people too not your slaves who must serve you perfectly everytime! You didn't even try to call them to find out the issue. Sometimes the internet goes down, maybe you didn't even give them the proper address number because your typo...what ever it is, your comments were unreasonable and Shame on YOU!
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